Before you can change, you have to understand what you want to change and realise that it isn't gonna happen overnight. 

A #BOSSWOMAN is born when hard work meets dedication and if you need guidance I am here to help. The first step is becoming aware of what needs to change. 

You are the only thing standing in your way from changing the ways you have been stuck in, it doesn't matter if it is mind, body or health.

Take your pick with the level of guidance you know will help you best come your version of a #BOSSWOMAN...


BOSSWOMAN Unleashed  - Your Next Chapter

1st June 2019 “Early Bird” Intake (monthly intakes moving forward)

Online Program


90 Days (or a 30 Day ‘Dip Your Toes In’)

The one common denominator for everything in your life right now is you, your level of self awareness and how you manage and deal with changing factors on a daily basis.

Manage and Master your mind. Take back control of your Body. 

Take on life, business and relationships with confidence and ease having built on the greatest project you ever will - you! 

4 weeks to take you from feeling stuck, struggling and lacking motivation to clarity, focus and drive to go get exactly what it is you want - mind, health, body & life.

How much longer are you going to remain still. Stop sitting in the passenger seat and take back control today!

BOSSWOMAN Escape Retreats - Melbourne




5 Days

Transform your Mind to the next level to Master your Body #BOSSWOMAN style with a step by step plan to take back into everyday life. All-in week designed and catered for around you. We will help you to build a solid foundation to kickstart your desired creation.

BOSSWOMAN Escape is a next level event. Experience a red carpet VIP event with BOSSWOMAN herself.

You will not only LEARN but implement taking back control of your Mind & Body by taking the time to switch off from your day to day stress and focus on the one common denominator in all areas of your life - you. We take a look in the mirror to strip away the bullsh*t holding us back from our truest potential and celebrate the incredible women we are and continue to become.