THE SELF BIZ PROJECT - The Road You Dare Travel Down.

Gee, this title opens up a can of worms, and to be honest I paused for a moment to ask myself if I’m cool to go down this road, so many topics, perceptions, opinions.

But the next thought was exactly this; fuck it! Why not?!

I mean, since when do you shy away from voicing yourself Eliza?! (A lot lately actually but that’s for another blog, another day)

Every time I talk about what I go through behind closed doors to other entrepreneurs, more than 99.9% of them say they have or are experiencing the same thing in a different experience, or better yet they feel instant relief knowing they’re not alone!

Doing your own thing, in your own way, aka being a ‘rebel’ and creating your own path can get seriously freakin’ hectic, challenging and lonely when you’re amongst a bunch of people running the 9-5 gig or working for someone else.

On the flip side is the most liberating experience knowing the endless freedom you have to make your own choices and do what you love every day (well most days anyway when you’re not throwing a tantrum working your way through shit haha).

Everything is PERCEPTION.

Anyway, if you’re not used to me and how my brain works, I ramble and derail sometimes (or a lot). Honestly, best to get used to it, or move on, I’m cool either way. I seriously cannot help that I forever have a new idea every 5 seconds, I get way too excited and want to say 10 things at once and I go off track. In the end it’s all relevant and I do my best to keep it all relatable.

In fact, there was a time where I used to apologise for doing this, and worked so bloody hard to change it and be that person who sticks to the one point, does the one thing and follow what the gurus tell you to do.

Fact of the matter - I am not that person, and chances are there are a shit tonne more men and women out there like me who are somewhat the same in their own way. Also, on a side note, if I were to simply just follow every other guru and their way, essentially I’m not actually creating my own.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying don’t take advice from other guru’s, don’t not stick to one thing or one point, totally do this because consistency and sustainability is where it’s at HOWEVER… Use your own brain and utilise what you learn and adopt what works for you into your own work!

AKA rebel… AKA entrepreneur no?!

For the most part of my business career up until around 5 years ago I had pushed and pushed for formula’s, programs, ways other do things to work for my business. Taking the exact ‘system’ and instead of noting what works for me and what doesn’t, I was trying to duplicate it.

Of course it ain’t going to entirely work for me, because it wasn’t created by me!!! Derrrr…

Hilarious that I did not think of this at the time, but hey that’s the beauty of hindsight right!

This is where working on YOU - doing the SELF WORK is mega fucking important.

How do you know what works for you unless you tap into you, learn to listen to yourself in multiple ways and spend the time to get to know you?!

Which is what most mofo’s DO NOT do really. I mean, how can you be running a biz and not doing this work?! Baffles me.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. So if you ain’t learning how you growing, moving forward… Coaching others?!

I work with entrepreneur women (and men) time and time again on themselves, their business and why shit ain’t working… Something I ask them; “Out of what you have done what worked for you and what didn’t?” They have no bloody idea!

Purely because they were so busy working on ‘making it work’ the exact way they were taught instead of thinking about how they can make it work for them!

I mean shit, I’ve spent well over $100K on coaches, programs, mentors doing exactly that!

No wonder they didn’t bloody work entirely and NO WONDER I kept starting from scratch all these years (I seriously have like 99 different programs ha!), ain’t nobody else’s EXACT formula will ever work for me! We are two completely different people!

Now don’t get me wrong here when I say this, if you’re okay to follow another’s steps thats cool, and probably could work for you I guess, however in my own experience if you have the zing to impact the world in your own way… You’ll just keep banging up against the walls.

Have I derailed enough for you yet? :P

Honestly I am having a great time writing this because it is literally rolling off the end of my tongue with no need for revising because it’s simply my thoughts, how I feel and a way of expressing it. Feels freaking amazing to be frank…

You should give it a go, I dare you!

To surrender to all the bullshit jargon that pops up and potentially prevents you from doing so.

Being politically correct, what others will think, whether it’s right or wrong (because really the only person who can make it right or wrong is you. But you know this right?!). This is simply just you being you, unapologetically, sharing your experience and opening up the gates to other to feel safe enough to do so also.

A rebel, a leader, creating their own path empowering others to do the same.

This literally is the reason I am here, the centre point around what I do!

Sometimes I am on fire, in flow and owning my shit left, right and centre.

Sometimes I am not, I doubt, I question and I feel like I’ve lost my shit ten fold.

The way back home is to remember my centre point, the point that grounds me, the point that ignites me, the point that brings me more alive than ever… usually in silence and alone for me!

It’s sometimes just a process and a shit tonne of self work on the way back there and this my friends is all a part of it.

You want to be strong, confident, stand in your power, be resilient, have rapid growth and continue to light up the world from your soul - you gotta learn to enjoy the ride and understand that through the slower, darker and lets just be straight, the shit times are there to teach you the lessons that allow you to rise in such power!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my insight, if you feel called to, let me know your experience, your opinion, thoughts, whatever you feel for… I’d love to hear from you!

Be you, with your truth, own your shit and stand loud!

Eliza x

AKA Bosswoman

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