🛍 From lazying in bed to a little present for myself today.

(*still need to get it taken up because well, short people problems)

Would you believe that I don’t ever just go ‘shopping’...?!

By this meaning; looking without an intent to go there for something that I need (when I say need, I am referring to leggings for work, standard black/white singlet etc.) so much so that I felt weird going into the shop just to look?!

These days I stop women in the street (legit!) and ask where they got what they have on, or peeps doing/using something I like, ask where they got it from - most of the time it just stops there. I rarely follow it up to look for it.

No joke.

It’s funny because from the ages of 18-25 I swear that’s where most of my money 💰 went! Shopping was a weekly occurrence, knew ALL the places, excitement levels raging, buying not just clothes, pretty things too, anything really, I liked spending.

For the most part, the intent back then behind it was...

👉🏾 ‘Looking good’ AKA to fit the part
👉🏾 ‘Feeling good’ AKA to make myself feel better
👉🏾 ‘Retail therapy’ AKA not dealing with my shit
👉🏾 ‘New outfit/item syndrome’ AKA can’t be seen in the same outfit (even when I didn’t have the $$$ to buy a new one!) or AKA it’s nicer than the one I already have!

Now this is not to say don’t buy yourself something nice, because by all means do that.

What I am putting out to get you thinking is ‘WHY’ you shop, shop a lot, buy a shit tonne of clothes/random ‘stuff’ that rarely gets worn/used or even don’t really ‘NEED’?!

🙄 So many people I talk to say they are not in a ‘good’ financial situation... 
🙄 Whinge, bitch and moan they have no money...
🙄 Can’t afford to be coached, let alone afford a gym membership, some body treatments...
🙄 Always looking for the ‘free’ stuff...


🤔 Always got the money to go out, eat out...
🤔 Splurge after attempting to save...
🤔 Forever in new outfits...
🤔 Buying their daily coffees/lunch/wines, 1, 2, 3...

It is freaking crazy what people will do to feel good about themselves, for the most part searching for that ‘INSTANT GRATIFICATION’ feeling...

  • What is that actually about though?! 

  • What are you spending on?! 

  • What are you spending big on?! 

  • Why?

I ain’t no saint, where this comes from is in my experiences when I too was searching for the ‘instant gratification’ feeling! 
Boy did I spend a lot at times to get it and not just on shopping!


AKA I was doing it for the feeling, TO FEEL GOOD... HOWEVER not knowing that the feeling I was chasing was to fulfil a feeling I could actually have created for myself. At the time I didn’t know this and hindsight’s a beautiful thing and allows us to share with others right...

Now, you don’t know what you don’t know UNTIL you know it!

AKA becoming CONSCIOUSLY aware.

Chances are if this resonates with you or triggers you, it’s something you can look into for yourself (or with me ;)  just COMMENT below and I will contact you)

It is then in your POWER to which you CAN do something about it.

My point???

❤️ YOUR FEELINGS come from within you, created from your PERCEPTION of your REALITY and no amount of external ‘stuff’ will fulfil that void you can actually fill yourself.

❤️ You don’t ‘NEED’ to spend your money on clothes, things, stuff to feel good. You can CHANGE your perception of you to FEEL GOOD.

❤️ If you aren’t in a financially good position or even if you are and spend spend spend, I invite you to questions the things you say you ‘need’... Do you really?!

Thoughts, opinions and own experiences welcome xx

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