"I'M WAITING UNTIL..." Is This You?

Or will you?! 

One of the most common set of words I hear “I want to wait until... (insert whatever you’re waiting for)”. 

Aka ‘waiting until you’re ready’

Aka ‘waiting until the timings right’

Aka ‘waiting until xyz is over / finished’

Aka ‘waiting until... until... until...’

Reality is you may very well be waiting forever. 

Waiting until you realise it’s too late because a whole new bunch of reasons / excuses / business happened to ‘pop up’ ‘get in the way’ ‘stopped you from starting’. 

Honestly it’s whatever you want to tell yourself that helps you to feel okay with this. 

Now I want to be clear...

It IS okay to wait forever if it feels good for you. 

It is NOT okay if it doesn’t feel good! 

And let’s face it you probably wouldn’t be reading my posts past here if it was okay. 

Now for the minority of you sometimes waiting is totally appropriate. 

You actually do mean that by ‘waiting’ it’s just to line your stuff up however the commitments already there for you, maybe you have a few things to consider / change, the things are rolling in that direction and you ARE making it happen. 

Then there’s the majority of you. 

Where ‘waiting until...’ starts to become part of your regular vocabulary, where ‘waiting until...’ becomes your continuous story for all the things you say you want yet take no action to move towards. 

Now don’t get me wrong, just because you’re in the minority or the majority doesn’t mean that’s fixed or there’s no swinging in between and some mastery at both ends in different areas of your life... as we grow and evolve it changes as do we. 

What I do know is: 

Just because you embark on something does not mean you will be successful at it, it will work or it will be the catapult to change your life... 

It’s the beginning of something...

It’s a new chapter...

It’s a new experience...

It’s a new thing that may or may not work...

How will you know? 

You don’t. 

Nothing is ever guaranteed.

In fact tomorrow is not even guaranteed. 

The expectation or need to - only creates a pressure around it that actually pushes you far far away as if you were strapped to a canon fired to the opposite side of world kind of far away!

How will you find out?


It's as simple or as difficult as you choose it to be. Your perception is 100% relevant. How you look at one thing is how you look at everything - so ask yourself - how are you looking at life right now?

Is the glass half full or the glass half empty?

Is everything working out for you or is the world against you?

Let me tell you - we ain't going to be taking massive action or inspired to make a move when life is looking like it's headed down the drain and nothings going right for you.

My thoughts and my words are here to help open your eyes, your beliefs in possibilities and give you more options than what you currently think you have. 

I would love to hear from you, hear your story, your situation and/or your experience. 

The more you can share, the more you give to the world and the more you can empower other women to stand up, step up and make change! 


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