Do you need to wake up and take back control of your mind, body & health?

You have the power to turn it all around today. It all comes down to making the choice to change, for you.

Self love, self respect and self discipline to be the woman you've always wanted to be and are only just around the corner from being.

Everything starts with you. First in mind and body, to business, relationships and life.


How did I change and turn my life around?

Ever notice that when you're feeling crap - everything around you turns to crap?! It's not by accident... Nothing is by accident. To have the best in everything, you must be your best.

I have been skinny, overweight, shredded and thick, I have tried over 20 diets, suffered from binge eating, drug and alcohol abuse and self-harm. I've eaten 800 calories on a daily basis right up to 3000 calories. I've hated on myself for years at a time, I've gone through insomnia multiple times, countless breakdowns, adrenal fatigue and felt so lost that I couldn't see it was possible for me to be anything at all. 

Having been later diagnosed with an auto-immune thyroid disease Hashimoto's, I was told I would never have control of my weight and could look forward to a never ending struggle, to give up on my career and would need to be lifelong medicated to manage it.

I got to a point where I had 2 choices; I can either sink or swim...

I refused to accept this anymore and chose to take back control of my mind and health, and turn my shit around.

Know what you want.
Set your standards.
Refuse to settle for less. 

This is when a real BOSSWOMAN is born.