the Mission:

Take back control of your mind and body.

Let me help you unleash your confidence and get what you
want from your body.


The Mission

Take Control of Your Mind & Body - Change Your Life - Strong, Confident, Sexy & Powerful.

Trying to find a balance in a fast paced world is a challenge, but no challenge is impossible. Get your mind, body and lifestyle in check.

Change starts with you, putting your hand up and taking the first step!

Every woman is capable of living a balanced life and having all that she wants & deserves. Sometimes we just need a nudge to guide us into the right direction.

#Bosswoman will provide you with all the tools you need to make the change happen.

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Bosswoman Unleashed is created for you to sort your sh*t out in Mind and Body so you can jump back in the drivers seat and take back in control of your life. Strip away the bullsh*t you’ve created to keep yourself in a safe and comfortable space that ultimately sees you repeating the same cycles and patterns over and over again. The key is to create the new NOT repeat the old!

3 months of diving deep to understand yourself more than ever. Remembering you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it and oh my does therein lie your power, your confidence and courage to create whatever the heck you want!



different diets tried

but 73% of people who set body goals give them up within the first month because they are missing the basic understanding of nutrition.



of women

Think that they have an unhealthy relationship with food and are truely convinced their life needs a massive overhaul, while all they need is a little bit of confidence.



years of experience
at Bosswoman

within the fields of personal training, nutrition and mindset.



Bosswoman Workshops are created for you to walk away from spending the morning with me having learnt what has taken many years for others to learn. My personalised proven method to taking back control of your Mind & Body to take back control of your life!

Learn how to burn your bullsh*t, step into your power, harness your potential and back yourself the entire way knowing you deserve all you are about to create.


August 2019

Eliza is awesome to work with. I love how she really gets to the heart of things and makes it easy to understand yourself and your funk.

The best thing is that you get clear easy ways out of old patterns and behaviours to reinvent yourself any way you want ♥️♥️

Emine Mehmet



Balls Deep With

Balls deep with Bosswoman takes you over the edge and places others wouldn’t dare to go. Reality is we are all human and life is a rollercoaster of the good, the bad and the ugly. The ugly is where the fun lies, the fails, the embarrassments, the dirt that builds us to be such incredibly unique individuals. Together we can learn by sharing our experiences, wisdom and knowledge. This is my dirt ;)

I welcome others dirt, stories, experience and lessons that can be shared… please write into me so you too can share yours.